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Colony Mash Brewing Company

3164 El Camino Real
Atascadero, California

Our Story

Owners Ethan Krout and Erik Knapp met in 2014, and immediately bonded over their shared love for working hard while still enjoying themselves. Brewing beer became a great way for the pair to really enjoy a project while still pushing towards rewarding results. As a graduate of Cal Poly’s Wine and Vit program, Erik began to spearhead the production and research using teachings and techniques adapted from the wine industry.

After more than five years of thoughtful experimentation in his basement, Erik developed an arsenal of recipes ready for their debut. With recipes in hand, the pair decided to move forward with their dream of constructing a commercial brewery. In an empty shell of a concrete building,

Ethan gracefully began to lead the construction and build-out for our production facility as well as our taproom. Ethan and Erik spent countless hours drilling, grinding, and hammering away to complete what you now know as Colony Mash Brewing. As you step into our taproom, we believe you can really feel the pride these two have for the building, the beers, and the people surrounding them.

Beers & Seltzers

As an avid beer drinker, Erik has always seen the value in variety. Too much of one thing can often be exhausting. Here at Colony Mash, we put forth serious effort to make sure each person stepping into our taproom can find a selection that is truly satisfying. From our Kettle Sours with fruit, to our traditional lagers, we offer a wide range of styles and flavor profiles. Our taproom consistently offers a rotating melange of Erik’s creations flowing from our 12 taps.

Although we don’t offer wine or cider, we do offer a selection of hard seltzers! These are a great choice if you prefer wine or cider to beer typically. Considering everything made at Colony Mash is made in small quantities, we encourage you to come back and visit often to see what new idea Erik has on tap!

Colony Mash Beers and Ciders

Tap Room

Located right in the heart of the Central Coast, Ethan and Erik completed construction of our tiny taproom during the Summer of 2020. Almost an entire year went into the building process, allowing us to carefully curate the exact atmosphere we wanted here at Colony Mash. We have purposely created a space to encourage conversation and camaraderie; long bars and few secluded tables invite you to sit next to your peers, and talk! As local business owners, we strive to encourage community togetherness and equality. Everyone is welcome here, and every individual will be treated fairly and respectfully at Colony Mash. So come on in, and enjoy a pint while getting to know your neighbors!


Thursday-Saturday: 3pm-9pm
Sunday: 12pm-7pm
3164 El Camino Real
Atascadero, CA 93422

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